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Et ole käynyt vaiheita vielä läpi. Aloita kohdasta yksi ja kokeillaan tulostamista sen jälkeen uudestaan

Guide on how to apply for a residence permit

This guide is for you who are applying for your first residence permit outside Finland and submitting your application in the online service Enter Finland. In the guide, you can read the instructions for applying for a residence permit and make a checklist that suits your situation. First, choose whether you want to come to study or work in Finland.

I want to come to finland to:

Do you want to come to Finland on some other grounds? See instructions on other residence permits (

About this guide

The following organisations in Finland have participated in the making of this guide:

  • Finnish Immigration Service
  • Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices)
  • Finnish higher education institutions
  • Business Finland
  • Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • KEHA Centre (the development and administration centre for ELY Centres and TE Offices)
  • Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Uusimaa
  • the regional state administrative agencies
  • Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
  • Ministry of Education and Culture.

Residence permits are granted by the Finnish Immigration Service.